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Headshot of a handsome and well groomed man.  Oh wait, that's me!

At 44 years old, hailing from Wenatchee, WA, and living with ADHD since childhood—only diagnosed at 35—I've negotiated life's challenges with a vibrant and diverse spirit. My journey is not just my own but shared with an incredible support system: my wife, whose unwavering support shines bright, an adult stepdaughter, and a son born at the beginning of a global pandemic.

My world blends art with analysis, expressing my passion of creativity and science and technology. My hobbies reflect a mind that seeks comfort and excitement in diversity.

My purpose goes beyond personal fulfillment to educate people about ADHD and fight stigma and misinformation. I want to change how society views neurodiversity and highlight the valuable contributions of those with a different perspective. I use my words and actions to demonstrate the neurodivergent community's creativity and resourcefulness, arguing for our position in an innovative world.

In essence, my life's work is a testament to the belief that being different is not just okay—it's our gift to the world that, when harnessed, can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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