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ADHD Resources

Self Assessment Tests:

If you suspect you might have ADHD, please talk to your doctor about getting a referral for an assessment.  These assessments are not enough for an official diagnosis and should only be used to decide if you should be assessed or not.


Information about ADHD:

  • CHADD - Children and Adults with ADD is an organization that serves as a clearinghouse for evidence-based information on ADHD.

  • ADDA - ADDA was created by adults with ADHD for adults with ADHD and is run by adults with ADHD.

  • ADDitude Magazine - Provides comprehensive information and articles about ADHD.

  • Men's ADHD Support Group - Organization to help men with ADHD discover community and acceptance through virtual and in-person gatherings, instructive social media material, and access to experts, tools, and techniques to succeed with ADHD.

  • ADHD Pro Tips - A comprehensive list created by a redditor of some very helpful advice.

  • Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA) - Members are physicians, but there’s lots of information for people who have ADHD—children, adolescents, and adults.

  • Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) - A nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to education and advocacy for people with ADHD.

  • How to ADHD - Youtube Channel created by Jessica McCabe dedicated to teaching the world about ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) - Help for adults with learning disabilities, from screening and evaluation through accommodations for the GED and more.

  • National Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service (ADDISS) - UK nonprofit organization whose website offers lots of resources and information and a link to the Adult ADHD Support Network.

ADHD Social Media Accounts:

  • @ADHDNerdDad - Yours Truly!

  • @ADHDEssentials - Brendan Mahan, Educator, Coach, Husband, Dad, Host of ADHD Essentials Podcast.

  • @HowtoADHD - Jessica's How to ADHD Twitter account.

  • @blkgirllostkeys - René Brooks, ADHD Coach who talks about the intersection of ADHD and Diversity

  • @mykola - Neurodiverse Engineer who talks about neurodiversity

  • @ADHD_Alien - Pina the ADHD_Alien draws comics about life with ADHD. They’re relatable and adorable.

  • @ArtieCarden_ - Writer with multiple neurodivergent dx, also trans/nonbinary, queer, and multiply disabled in other ways. Talking about the intersections of these realities and how they all connect and crash.

  • @jeremiahcontent - ADHDer who makes art and funny videos.

  • @AdultingADHD - Rach runs the Neurodivergent Professionals Discord server and Twitter account. She also posts relatable threads and discussions about ADHD and ND experiences. She is also the creator of the ADHD Flash Cards I reviewed HERE.






J.O.T. Method - A helpful tool which can be used for the ADHD brain that tends to get overwhelmed and procrastinate

Dealing with Anxiety when getting bombarded with information - Video from Carolyn McGuire, author of the book "Why Will No One Play With Me", talking about helpful ways of dealing with anxiety ADHDers often get when they are in Information Overload.

Other Useful Resources:

Guide to Parenting a Child With ADHD - A great guide for parenting your children when they have ADHD with links to a lot of very helpful resources.

Driving and ADHD - People with ADHD have a higher likelihood of becoming poor drivers.  This site offers information and tips to help teenagers learn safe driving habits with ADHD.

20 Useful Apps for Children with Dyslexia Learning Disabilities - some helpful apps for both children and adults that can be used to support disabilities commonly occuring along with ADHD.


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