My ADHD Website Woes

So I feel like this post is going to be totally meta since I'm talking about building this website, on this website.

Fun fact! Building a website for yourself is REALLY hard when:

1. You have severe ADHD,

2. You have like a thousand hobbies including art that you want to sell,

3. You have multiple subjects you are passionate about and want to blog about, and...

4. You have no idea how to cohesively put it all together.

The worst part is I started it like 2 years ago, but only just now started really building it when I got a reminder on my phone that "your website registration is about to renew for x amount of dollars." At the time I thought I just wanted a place where I could journal/blog about my family and maybe some of my hobbies and get my thoughts out there and maybe reach a few people out there at the same time. So, because of that I just used my name as the domain name. But since then, I've become much more passionate about educating people about ADHD. So now, I would like to be able to have a spot for people to learn about ADHD. I also would like a place where I can promote and sell some of my artwork potentially as a secondary income. I would also like to build a community to talk about all the things that interest me like 3d printing, photography, art, raising kids, technology, and other stuff.

But most of all I think I would just like to build something that other people can relate to and connect with. Maybe in some small way that would make it feel like I was less of an outcast and not invisible.

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